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    October 2018

      Containerized applications have changed the game and are here to stay. Completed a Kubernetes quest and earn a badge on GCP, GKE. The badges can be seen here

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      Talk on Kubernetes at Google DevFest

      October 2018

        A talk on Evolving Kubernetes at Google DevFest 2018, Mumbai. Explaining distributed systems with Kubernetes along with understanding the service discovery with a n-tier application deployment demo. Slides at SpeakerDeck

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        ForgeRock Access Management Advanced Skills

        Aug 2018

          Earner is application developers, adapting client applications to use ForgeRock Access Management capabilities and system architects and software developers, extending and integrating ForgeRock Access Management services for their organization.

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          Containers & Microservices Course Completion

          May 2018

            Successfully completed the online webinar series course on Deploying & Managing Containerized Workloads in the Cloud along with the quiz.

            Docker #5 Birthday

            24th March 2018

              Docker Birthday #5 Celebration Mumbai Edition. Hands-on labs, Mentoring, Fun, Networking, etc.
              Here, is the details in Medium Blog about my experience.

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              Kubernetes and Bluemix



                14th October 2017

                  I have talk at Mumbai Cloud Meet-up on Kubernetes and Bluemix and present a simple application demo to deploy application on Bluemix cloud. Thank you.

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                  IBM Blockchain Essentials

                  August 2017 - Present

                    I learn, developed an understanding of Blockchain principles and practices and how they can be applied within a business environment. Along with, I have an understanding of Blockchain and distributed ledger systems, the important concepts and key use cases of Blockchain and how assets can be transferred in a Blockchain network.

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                    IBM DeveloperConnect Roadshow - OpenWhisk Essentials


                    30 Jun 2017

                      This badge owner concludes Bluemix OpenWhisk serverless platform to run application logic in response to events or direct invocations from web or mobile apps over HTTP. The individual has used OpenWhisk on IBM Bluemix to define a sequence of actions and expose them via the API gateway. The API is secured, managed and socialized using API Connect.

                      Docker Mentors

                      Docker Birthday 4 Celebration

                      March 2017

                        Happiee B'day Docker 🐬 4th B'day Celebration and Fun with Docker Community, Professional IT Engineers and Mumbai (Docker) Technology Meet-up. Mentoring to new bees, guidance and lots​ of learning from them in return.


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                        Docker Mentor Week Nov 2016

                        Mentoring at Docker !

                        #Mumbai kick-starts #learndocker in Asia @docker global mentor week . Thanks to @91springboard for hosting us.

                        Meet our awesome Mentors for #learndocker #mumbai Shantanu Deshpande @ranvijayj @mohan08p

                        Docker Labs

                        Docker Labs Contributor Dec 16

                        Contributing at Docker !

                        This is a collection of tutorials for learning how to use Docker with various tools.

                        Docker Image Optimization

                        Docker Global Hack 3 Winner

                        October 2015

                          OpTool to optimize the docker images.

                          • Expertise in JAVA, J2EE, Web Services, Grizzly Framework.

                          • FOSS project as Docker and Kubernetes

                          • Sounds knowledge of cloud service providers

                          • Excellent Inter-personal skills, Outstanding problem solving and decision making skills

                          • Contributing to open source projects, DuckDuckGo, Docker, etc.

                          Developer, Leader, Writer

                          I do write code to develop, run and deploy the system. Its been great to write as theirs incessant improvement by removing lousy and sloppy code. I was a Team Leader of Paper Presentation Community at RIT, Islampur. Leadership is a path which proceed towards an Entrepreneurship and its not for everyone. Writing an articles is just pointing out the common-sense though that we miss or else ignore in our daily life. My articles got published into Marathi Newspaper "Vajradhari".

                        • EXPERIENCE



                          EmiratesNBD Bank

                          Technology Engineer

                          Nov 2022 – Current


                          • Configure Jenkins CI/CD pipeline using Groovy scripting for Java, Python and Nodejs applications.
                          • Automation using python/bash script as per need basis.

                          • Support Production deployment and resolve issues during the application rollout. Monitor the site's performance using SRE principles.

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                          Ericsson India Global Pvt Ltd


                          Lead DevOps Engineer

                          March 2022 – Oct 2022


                          • Configuring CI/CD pipeline using GitLab for Cloud Native Applications.
                          • Creating K8s clusters using Ericsson K8s clsuter management solution and Vanilla K8s.
                          • Deploy applications using Helm charts into K8s clusters.
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                          Senior DevOps Engineer

                          Dec 2020 – March 2022

                          • Configuring CI/CD pipeline for the various applications written in Java and Python.
                          • Automating all task using Python scripting. IaaC using CFN templates on AWS.
                          • Performing SOX audit to keep the application services and Infrastructure align with the RFC standards.
                          • Follow the sun model on call rotation shift.
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                          Senior Software Engineer-I DevOps

                          June 2018 – Dec 2020

                          • Infrastructure as  a Code(IaaS) on AWS along with Python, bash scripting.
                          • Self-service CI/CD Pipeline using Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform,  etc.
                          • Logging and Monitoring using Dynatrace, Graylog, etc.


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                          Fourzip Pvt Ltd

                          Solution Developer

                          May 2017 – July 2017

                          • End-to-end deployment of ERP Next using docker technology.
                          • To develop the Robust system for managing Back-end and write the optimized queries to retrieve the data.
                          • Writing the API’s, Extract the SMS using NLTK, etc.
                          • Write and maintain design guides and documentation.

                          Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology

                          Assistant Professor

                          Jun 2015 – April 2017


                          • To excel the students in data structure and computer networking subjects to create the strong base.
                          • Leadership in Open Source world. Guiding students with various open source projects.
                          • Resource Person in Cloud Domain at STTP in various college on ”Docker Technology”.

                        • My Blog

                          Medium Profile https://medium.com/@mohan08p

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                        • Always Strive for the Best !

                          Hello & Welcome!

                        • MY MOTTO

                          It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.

                        • SKILLS


                          Technologies & Programming Languages I have work.



                          Jenkins CI/CD






                        • EDUCATION


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                          MUMBAI UNIVERSITY

                          HPC, CUDA, MPI and Open MP (Hands-on)

                          1st-5th Feb 2017


                          Successfully completed a training on HPC, CUDA, MPI and Open MP(Hands-on) at VIT, Wadala from the IIT Research Scholars.


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                          BIG DATA UNIVERSITY

                          Python Programming With Analytics

                          7th Jan 2017


                          Successfully completed a course of Introduction to data science with Demos of analytics with Python(Hands-on).

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                          Computer Software Engineering

                          2015 - 2016

                          Full Stack Web Development Certification

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                          BIG DATA UNIVERSITY

                          Data Analysis March 2016


                          Successfully completed a course of Introduction to data Analysis with Demos from Big Data university.

                          MongoDB University

                          MongoDB University

                          M101- MongoDB for JAVA Developers

                          July 2015

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                          VIT University, Vellore

                          M.Tech. 2013 - 2015


                           Software Technology Course


                          Shivaji University

                          Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Computer Science 2008 - 2012



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                          Sandip Pawar

                          (Team Lead at Capgemini)

                          I fully recommend mohan (yashwant) pawar – it is rare to see someone with who brings such enthusiasm and initiative to any project. Our team performance benefited greatly from mohan (yashwant) pawar’s dedicated work ethic, creative skills, and flexibility of thinking.

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